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3 Tips for Getting a Ghost to Communicate With You

By Taylor Tim | Submitted On May 18, 2011

Since the beginning of time, man has had an infatuation with ghosts and the paranormal. We have always had a desire to communicate with those that have passed before us. In this article that you are about to read, I am going to give you 3 tips for getting a ghost to communicate with you.

Before we get into the tips that I have promised you, there are a few things that you will need to get before any type of communication is possible. These things are as follows: a notebook or notepad, a pen or a pencil, a digital recorder, an e.m.f (electromagnetic field) meter, a flashlight, and a camera. Nothing fancy, any camera will do. Now that you have everything gathered you will need to turn off all light sources and get to the active area where current activity is happening and do these 3 things:

1. Do some EVP's

An EVP which stands for (electronic voice phenomena) is done by using your digital recorder and asking questions and trying to get intelligent responses or noises to be recorded. It is said that ghosts communicate through the white noise on the recorder. There are many documented responses recorded that support this theory. You will need to be absolutely silent other than asking questions and listen to your recordings repeatedly to pick out these spirit voices as background noise or wind can be mistaken as an EVP. It is also a good idea to pause at least 20 seconds between questions. Be sure to write down your findings in your notebook. An EVP session should usually last at least 45 minutes to an hour then move on to the next step:

2. Take some EMF readings

EMF or electromagnetic field readings will also give you concrete evidence that there is a spirit present. A ghost is said to give off electromagnetic energy when present and as long as your meter is away from appliances such as microwaves then when a spirit manifests in your area the EMF meter will produce a reading. A sudden spike in your meter or alarm sounding indicates strong electromagnetic energy presence which is generally what you are trying to communicate with. Feel free to keep rolling on your digital recorder and snap some random pictures during this period as well because the more lines of open communication the better.

3. Do the flashlight "trick"

This is a neat little tip for getting a ghost to communicate with you that I just learned recently. Mind you, during each tip that I have shared with you, the area should be completely dark. The trick is to unscrew the top of the flashlight just enough so that if touched it will turn on. Place it on the ground in front of you. You may have to keep messing with the top after you sit it down to insure that it will come on if touched. Ask the ghost or spirit if they are present to touch the flashlight. This may take awhile but if a ghost touches it, you will definitely know because it will turn on. Just imagine what it is like when it turns on! As I said before, I learned this recently and witnessed it for myself with my own eyes.

For best results, don't do this alone because it is just too hard to keep everything in order by yourself. You can organize a paranormal group of your own or join an existing one to make sure that all bases are covered. This is definitely not for beginners either because you can get into something that you cannot handle. Do your research and use my 3 tips for getting a ghost to communicate with you and you are well on your way to achieving your goal. Good luck!

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