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Why Ghost Hunt?

By Blake Walkup | Submitted On April 24, 2011

Ghost, Spirits and the Paranormal

I think one of the most common questions I get through my sites (My Ghost Gear and Ghost Hunter Adventures) is why ghosts?

That's an excellent question and it's not a short answer. The answer to this question is very complex and covers a lot of different theories and trying to find answers about the unknown. The unknown, as most any paranormal investigator will tell you most everything about the dead and the ghost, spirits and the paranormal are still unknown even though there are many theories that cover a lot of the aspects of the paranormal. Granted some prove these theories provide the evidence needed to prove ghost and spirits roam the earth among humans and some claim the theories are only "make believe" to try to prove that ghosts exist.

The paranormal field is probably one of the most criticized and one field that has people believing everything from no ghosts exists, to the demons can possess you and everything in between. I find it funny that you hear the non-believers screaming to the top of their voice that there is no such thing as ghost and then the people involved in paranormal investigations or ghost hunting screaming at the top of their voice that they have proof that "paranormal activity" exist.

One thing for sure is regardless of what you believe right now about ghost, spirits and the paranormal is the only way we will ever know for a fact about ghost, spirits and the paranormal is to become a ghost ourselves.

Now back to the answer of why ghost hunting or paranormal investigations. To start with this is a field that is still wide open for research and development of new techniques to ghost hunt. This field is exciting and can be boring at some times, but the times there are unexplained events taking place it makes it all worthwhile. The times of activity also makes my desires grow to find more answers about what is happening and why it is happening.

It's also very exciting at times and to give you an example I was at one location and there was a large group of investigators present and we were walking down a hallway and we got to a door to a room and as we passed by the door, I had an overwhelming feeling of sadness and fear coming from that room. There was one investigator that refused to even stop by that entire area because of the feeling. The room was completely empty and yet this feeling was so strong, it made me want to run, but I stepped away from the door and everything returned to normal. A few of us stood there for a few minutes talking about that feeling and we went back to the door one at a time and the feeling returned once again to all of us that went back to the door. We also encountered this feeling every time we entered and left the location.

Now at this particular investigation we split up into teams and rotated in and out of the location and every single time we went in or out of the location we all had this horrible feeling of sadness and fear. We later learned that a lady had committed suicide in that very room. How can anyone come up with a reasonable explanation of this feeling of fear and sadness? And not just by one person but by many people in our group.

Now granted at this location the list of unexplained activity was rather long and one would think it would definitely prove paranormal activity but we still have some that did not believe regardless of what happened. For example my digital recorder was brand new and I had only used it to test it before the investigation. I went and bought a pack of new batteries and they were all completely charged and yet every single time I stepped into the location, my batteries would completely drain. How can anyone explain this activity? We have some that just said its bad batteries, but they were checked before use and were completely charged and not to mention I replaced those batteries several times throughout the night. While outside of the location, my recorder worked just fine and recorded everything being said and the second I would step back into the location, the batteries were dead again. Once again how could anyone come up with a reasonable explanation of our battery drainage and note that this happened to several pieces of equipment throughout the night and not just my recorder.

Another unexplained event that took place was we were in a room were a young child resided and a lot of females had reported different feelings in that room and once in a while a male would have something happen. There were a couple people inside the room and I was standing just outside the door and all of the sudden it felt like I was getting a shot in my lower leg. It was a sharp pain and I stepped away from the door to check my leg and the pain went away and there was nothing there, no marks, no redness, nothing at all. My leg looked fine. I returned to the door way to check on how the rest of the team was doing and "bam" the pain hit again and I said it feels like I'm getting a shot in my leg. I stepped away from the door again and once again, they pain went away and my leg looked fine. Later we learned that the little boy that was a patient at this location used to get shots in the leg and he would often times do things to make the males leave the room. Once again I must ask how any person can come up with a reasonable explanation for these events happening.

Now I could go on and one with more details from different investigations but I think you get my point of wanting to find the answers about the afterlife and what happens once we become a ghost, spirit or part of the paranormal world. I want to know the answers to the question, why. Why some activity takes place only once in a while and other activities seems to happen on a regular basis or continuously. Why, is the first part of my answer as to why I ghost hunt.

Of course there are numerous theories all around the paranormal world and for example like the needle in the leg feeling, it has been rumored that the little boy only liked females in his room and would do whatever it took to keep the males out. It was reported that he was like that in life so it would make sense that he would be like that in death.

That's another theory I want to know more about and a lot of people have theorized that ghost and spirits usually act the same as when they were alive. So if they were nice and playful, they would be nice and playful in death and as a ghost or spirit. The same stands true if the person was in a bad mood or grouchy all the time in life then that person would be in a bad mood or grouchy in death. These theories I think would stand true and they make sense. But of course some people also theorize that some ghost or spirits just do not want people in their home or the location they have decided to claim as home. So regardless of the mood in life, it may be a simple threat from a ghost or spirit to leave their place of abode. Then of course some theories state that something the ghost and spirits are just playful and trying to let you know that they are present and you are in their home or place of abode. So these theories all make sense but it still leaves questions unanswered and it all goes back to why? Why do some spirits make sounds, move items have an odor and why do some ghosts and spirits do nothing except sit back and watch the activity taking place in their place of abode.

Then of course we have many theories about ghost and spirits in general like the different type of ghost and hauntings. They can range from an interactive encounter all the way to a demonic possession. Demons along open up a whole new set of questions and an entire subject for extensive research and why most all paranormal investigators never get involved with the demonic realm.

So this to answer the question why ghost, this should help you understand my answer about why. This is only part one of the answer and I will write more about the answer why in my next article. So check my post often and I will get more about "why" posted.

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