Vintage Telephone

Entity Communication Tarot Spread

The Conversation

1. Is there an entity or spirit present?
Upright YES Reversed NO
2. Who are you or what are you?
3. Are you a being that has passed on?
4. Why are you here?
5. What do you need?
7. Do you want peace?
8. What can I do to help, if you want peace?
9. If you don't want peace, then what do you want?
10. How will you make yourself known to me?
11. What message do you want me to know?


The Spirit Spread (source…)


card #1 represents the spirit, a little info about who they are
card # 2 represents why they are with you right now
card # 3 represents what they want you to know
card # 4 represents what actions you can take and/or how you can help them
card # 5 is a summary/outcome of the entire reading