Vintage Telephone Tarot Spread for Spirit Communication

This spread is in two parts: Beginning and Ongoing Spreads

Part 1: Beginnings

When you first introduce this type of communication with your spirit, talk to him or her about it and let them know the process.

Begin by calming yourself and calling your spirit to be present. When you feel they are here explain the process. "I want you to communicate with me through the tarot. The first card drawn will represent you, the second will represent what your mission is with me, the last three cards will be 3 messages you want to communicate to me"

Shuffle the cards until you feel your spirit wants you to stop. Ask it if you should cut the cards, if you feel you need to cut the cards, cut them. If not, than leave them be.

From the top of the deck flip cards to the sequence of the spread, reverse meanings are not used in this reading.


The interpretation of the cards are done in context. The first card is interpreted as characteristics of spirit's personality based on the meaning of the card. The second card is interpreted as what they are here to do for you. The third thru fifth cards are interpreted as messages the spirit wants to communicate to you at this time. These are read like normal tarot messages, for what they are. Thank your spirit.

Part 2: Ongoing

Now that your spirit is introduced to this process and you know their characteristics and mission, you will no longer have to lay down card 1 and 2 on the ongoing spreads. Just call your spirit to you and when you feel they are with you, state that you would like 3 messages for today or the week or the month, etc., shuffle the cards as before. Stop when you feel the spirit wants you to stop. Ask if it wants you to cut the cards. Lay down 3 cards from left to right and read and intreprete the meanings. There are no reverse meanings in this whole system.
 Your spirit guide spread

This spread is based on your current spirit guide who is helping you the most at this point in your life.

1.What is your spirit guide like/their personality
2.How is your spirit guide helping you right now
3.What would your spirit guide like you to do right now to help yourself
4.What they think your strengths are
5.What they think your weakness are/what you need to improve on
6.What they hope to achieve from working with you right now
7.What is your partnership like in the spirit world
8.What your spirit guide wants you to be aware off right now
9.Advice from your spirit guide
10.Message from your spirit guide